Masterclass LeAltreNote 2024

From 24.08 to 01.09 in Valdidentro

Claudia Martinelli

Assessor for Culture, Sport and Youth Policies

Claudia Martinelli

On behalf of Valdidentro’s citizenry and Municipal Administration, I tender a warm welcome to the fourteenth edition of LeAltreNote Masterclass and Festival, well-established realities of our territory.

This year’s theme explores the subject “Harmonia Mundi” from a new perspective, which in this edition rightly dwells on the topic “microcosms”. In fact, in nature, as in music, harmony can arise from a few, simple elements. To understand it, it suces to observe a mountain meadow or a little alpine lake, or listen to the copious music repertoire of short and simple forms, beginning with Bach’s Preludes and Fugues to move on to Schubert’s Lieder or Schumann’s piano works, up to Bartók’s Mikrokosmos.

These works have often been written as a form of teaching, in complete accord with the objective pursued every year by the Masterclass, a further conrmation of the importance of lingering on that which is small to then move on to greater aspirations. Thus, the thematic path chosen by the Festival helps us to reect on the perfection that nature, and consequently human intellect, can reach when the means at disposal are reduced: a very important lesson in this age of excesses and exaggerations.

Thus tender heartfelt thanks and a warm welcome to all the musicians who will be our guests at the Masterclass and Festival in order to explore such profound and uplifting themes for each of us.

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