Masterclass LeAltreNote 2024

From 24.08 to 01.09 in Valdidentro


To the west of Bormio, creeping between the limestones that culminate in the Reit peak and the Piazzi peak group, the Valdidentro stretches to the borders with Switzerland and with the municipality of Livigno.

As soon as you pass the main village of the Upper Valley, you will find on the right, above the verdant plain where the church of S. Gallo with its bell tower lies solitary, the road that leads to the Stelvio pass, on whose original layout the thermal baths of Bagni Nuovi, just below the oldest Bagni Vecchi, were built.


Before the construction of the Stelvio road, which took place from 1820, the Bormini merchants passed through the “royal” streets of Umbrail and Fraele with their loads of wine, purchased in Valtellina, or mineral salt purchased from the mines Hall, near Innsbruck.

The two towers still dominate on the ancient path of Fraele, once inserted in a system of fortifications built around 1390, which served to block the entry into the Bormiese by hordes of Nordic raiders.

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