Umberto Scida, singer, actor, director and coach


A “Musical Performer” graduate from “The Bernstein School of Musical Theater” in Bologna. FIRST PRIZE “OPERETTA” 2012 as the “Heir to the great italian Operectic tradition”. Considered “The King of Operetta” in Italy, for the merit of having renewed it, bolstered by his national experience as a musical performer.

Boasts 22 Theater Seasons with a total of 26 leading titles, including 10 as director, spanning from musicals to musical comedy, operetta, and variety, as well as intense activity as a concert performer in the swing and jazz scene.

In 2021, he founded the “UMBERTO SCIDA Company” producing concerts and musical theater performances. Professor of “Musical Theatre” at various Academies and Drama Schools. Public telling coach for companies.

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