Masterclass LeAltreNote 2023

From 23.08 to 02.09 in Valdidentro


Deadline 30 July 2023

 to be paid by bank transfer to Associazione Musicale “LeAltreNote” Via Mac Mahon, 30 – 20155 Milano – Italy.
Masterclass € 75
Seminars € 25
Credit Agricole, Via Cenisio, 30 20154 Milano. IBAN: IT21E0623009572000057040834

The application form: receipt of registration payment, curriculum vitae, repertoire, a photo and a photocopy of your identity card to be emailed to:
It is possible to enroll online at

Active all classes
€ 250 (minimum 3 instrumental and 3 chamber music lessons)
€ 150
Daily pass
€ 50*
€ 100
Active living in Valdidentro
€ 100 no registration

Anyone who wishes to attend two or more courses (e.g. pianoforte and cello) will receive a 50% discount on the second course; further courses or seminars will be free of charge. Fees will be paid upon arrival. The classes will be made up of 8-10 students.

Seminars are available to the students taking courses at LeAltreNote (free of charge) and to students who are not attending the Masterclass by paying € 100 per seminar and € 50 as registration fees..

The masterclass of Peter-Lukas Graf is open to a limited number of flute students, the students must send a video with good audio quality.

*(it gives the right to follow as listener every activity for the choosen day)

Please sent the following attachments (pdf o jpeg low resolution)
Picture, Passport or I.D:
Enrollment bank transfer, Curriculum
via email to

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